Let There Be Kogi! Kogi Trucks and the Food Truck Craze

Before moving here I had heard something about the Food Truck mania that was sweeping across Southern California. It sounded weird. I wasn’t sure that I could trust food made in the back of a truck… But I was intrigued, and determined to try it. Now that I have tasted the magic that is bestowed upon us mortals from these trucks, I will never speak in a degrading manner of a food truck ever again. The system and idea is fantastic to say the least, not to mention addictive. I had to miss my food truck fix last night and I’m in such anguish today I’m looking for any nearby truck…

Kogi Korean Barbecue is often attributed with setting the stage (and therefore the craze) for the Food Truck scene. Really the first of pioneers blazing the trail for these travelling foodies, Kogi combines Korean barbecue and Mexican food in such a way that is sure to tickle your taste buds with delight. After Kogi’s launch 2 1/2 years ago, their popularity grew to almost outrageous lengths making Kogi an Angeleno landmark. A travelling landmark that is. Kogi has now grown to 5 trucks and one bar. 3 of the trucks (Azul, Verde, and Roja) roam the street of LA while the remaining 2 (Naranja and Rosita) serve Orange County. Everywhere the trucks go a wake of pleased and pleasantly stuffed customers trail behind. Kogi’s menu features numerous delectable delights such as Kimchi Quesdillas, Calamari Tacos, Spicy Pork Tacos, and Chocolate Tres Leches Cakes. Are you hungry yet?

Lucky for you (and us) Kogi will be blessing us with their presence this Friday night (the 10th) from 6-9pm and they will be serving all of the wonderful delicacies you are now craving. Click here to view their menu so you can start planning what you are going to get now. I don’t even know where to start!

We’re going to have a promotion regarding the perks of being insured with Alandale (so bring your friends who don’t already have a policy with us) but the really focus, the Creme de la Creme of all Food Trucks and all food truck wannabees, is of course the amazing Kogi Truck. This is an event you seriously don’t want to miss! Put it on your calendar, set a reminder, put post-it notes all over your office, whatever will remind you to definitely come Friday night!!!!! See ya there :)

For more information on Kogi check out Hometown Pasaden’a review here, and for more information on food trucks check out the LA Times’ story here. Happy Truckin’!

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